Loan Modification Assistance

What is a Loan Modification?

For Long Island homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments, loan modifications can be a valuable tool to help them stay in their homes. A loan modification is a change to the terms of an existing mortgage that can make it more affordable for the homeowner. This can include reducing the interest rate, extending the loan term, or reducing the principal balance. By making these changes, homeowners can lower their monthly payments and avoid foreclosure.
However, the loan modification process can be complex and time-consuming. Homeowners must provide detailed financial information and work with their lender to negotiate new terms. It’s important for homeowners to be proactive in seeking out loan modifications and to work with a reputable Realtor and attorney who can guide them through the process. By taking these steps, Long Island homeowners can increase their chances of success and find a solution that allows them to keep their homes.

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